We understand that construction to your business or facility is an investment, which is why we know the importance of upkeeping your investment. When incorporating materials into the design for your project or remodel, we make sure to use durable products that we know can be kept maintained. Along with knowing the importance of preserving our customer’s investment, we assembled a team of experts that dedicate themselves to maintaining your business or facility on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Our cleaning experts are also trained to keep an eye out for any maintenance items that could pose as a long term problem for you. They will take note of any issues, such as a roof leak, damaged ceiling tile, carpet rip or mold and make sure that you are aware of them and allow you to address the issue prior to having to make a large investment that could have been prevented.

With the complete package, Strahm Building Solutions is your true resource for all building upkeep.
To make it more convenient for you, we have both Building Survey Services and Building Maintenance Services.

Building Survey Services include:
Floor Plans, Finish Schedules, Mechanical & Electrical Specifications

Building Maintenance Services include:
Complete Interior & Exterior Upkeep Service Programs; Painting, Floor Maintenance, Power Washing, General & Finish Carpentry; Services Calls or Pre-Scheduled Packages