WebAs we look forward to a shiny new year, all of us here at Strahm want to take a minute and reminisce about the memories of 2015 that we not only shared within our company, but also our community. At the end of 2014 we made a decision to redirect the use of our “Marketing Dollars”. Instead of using this capital towards ads, commercials and billboards that would focus directly on bringing attention to Strahm, we decided to invest it in sponsoring local events, philanthropies and businesses. There were many reasons for the decision to go in this direction. The biggest reason was to show support, through funding and personally attending events as a company, for organizations that help make our city so wonderful. Here is a look at a majority of what Strahm was involved with in 2015!

We are excited to support some of these great causes and companies again in 2016 as well as spread the love to some new events and organizations. We look forward to seeing you out in the community!


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